About me

I was born and grew up in Ilulissat, and speak both danish and greenlandic fluent. I also speak and understand fluent english, german and italian,

Since my childhood I have sailed and fished in most of the Disko Bay area.

I have been doing business in the town for many years and run a family business founded in 1957. I am a service minded and have great knowledge of Ilulissat and Greenland. I try to give every single guest a personal experience, given that we sail in a smaller boat.

I am amazed at the ever-changing nature with thousands of icebergs varying in size and shapes, and the tours represent to the majority of our guests what best can be called a lifetime experience.

Particularly breathtakingly is the encounter with whales that are often observed quite close and the sound when the whale breaks the surface and gives a blow and filling the lungs can be heard far away in the quiet surroundings, only interrupted by a little sound from the nearby icebergs.