Terms and payment policy when ordering tours

The below mentioned terms will be the basis of an agreement between you as a customer an Whaletours. It is therefore important that you read the conditions before you book your before you make reservations to our tours.



Whaletours by BH Supermarked ApS, CVR no. 449598319, K. Chemnitzip Aqq. 7, 3952 Ilulissat



All prices given on the web page are the actual prices. The only fees added are such as the fee charged by banks for handling the transaction that shows in section below regarding credit card fees, VAT or any other taxes are not added on tours in Greenland.

All contracts between buyer and Whaletours are made in either Danish or English. 

This web page is continuously updated with new tours, changes in prices as well as pictures and news.



Reservation take place when you order our tours either though our webpage Whaletours.gl or by telephone +299 54 24 33

When you make reservations on the website they are only finally confirmed when the online payment has gone through. Your confirmation will be sent on email and will confirm your tour.

Reservations done over the phone are confirmed when the payment is registered at Whaletours. When we receive your reservation we will send you an invoice and other information regarding your tour via email. You have to print your documents as documentation for ordered tours.

In case the names on invoice and registered names are different from names when ordering, please notify us on this.

If the sent invoice and the registered names do not match to your order, you should contact us right away and make us aware of that.



Whaletours reserves the right to cancel arrangements on the following conditions: bad wheather ea. fog, or bad sight, bad ice-conditions, technical problems on and in any situation beyond the control of Whaletours, that will prohibit the execution of the excursion in a safe manner.

It is respectively the captain of the boat or Whaletours that will decides if the weather permits the execution of the tour or not – not the customers.
in case of cancellation of a tour, because of the reasons mentioned above, the full amount paid for the tour will be refunded to the customer.



Planned tours can be changed in route and length depending on the weather and ice-conditions. It is the captain alone who decides this. We put the safety of our passengers in the first place and there will not be any compensation or refund of changed or shortened tours. In case of lost sailing time of more than reasonable time there will be a refund.



When the tour is paid for and confirmed, it is not possible to cancel, change or hand over the ticket up to two weeks before departure. Whaleltours do not take the responsibility for delays in the journey to Ilulissat in case of irregularity at tour operators.

In case you are delayed in your journey to Ilulissat, which means you can’t participate in a bought tour we ask you to contact Whaletours as soon as possible. We will in every single case try to move your ordered tour, but there is no guaranty of this being possible.


In case of absence or not using an ordered tour there will be no refund.



Participation in tours is not possible without tickets. The ticket is personal and can not be used by others.



All tours start at Kussangajannuaq 5. We provide transportation between the address and starting point of boat tour. Meeting time is 30 minutes before every tour start. Drop of after each tour is at inner harbour in southern part. For midnight tour we provide transportation to participants address, even though passengers must wait until boat and equipment is in place.



The announced tours have a minimum number of participants of three persons. Numbers are informed under each tour. In case of cancellation of announced tour due to minimum number of passengers this can happen up to one hour before each tour. In case of cancellation we will offer an alternative tour and if that is not possible we will give you full refund of price. No claim of compensation can be given to Whaletours.



The given names of the participants given to Whaletours have to agree/be consistent with the names written in the respective authority issued picture ID.



When booking an excursion at Whaletours you provide us with your e-mail address. You yourself are responsible for informing us about possible changes of your e-mail account.



It is given that you inform in description of tours you order especially regarding proper clothing. Warm clothes is a demand, including warm hats and gloves and footwear. If you are not able to participate in tour it will be your own responsibility. There will be no refunds and extra expenses is fully your own responsibility in case of interruption of tour.

You have to be fully aware that tour is in smaller open boat and you have to be in condition to come aboard and out again given the different conditions of landing.



There is no right to withdraw from tours bought at Whaletours, no matter if it is purchased using our webpage, through telephone or by personal appearance at Whaletours. The common right to withdraw do not count for tour activity.

Regrets follows the mentioned cancellation rules of two weeks before tour.



Whaletours gather following information about you: name of selected tour on all participants and also the following information about the payer; address, e-mail and means of payment. The information given to Whaletours will not be passed on to third party. Information is kept safe. Your data will be saved 5 years by requirement of law regarding accounting records.

You always have rights to to insight of given personal data and objection towards being registered in accordance with the rules of personal data according to Greenland law.

Personal information is kept and transmitted non-crypted, however handled on a secure server.

Credit card information is handled encrypted through Bambora


The web page does not apply log statistic, although it does use cookies to register the purchase. Thereby, allowing you to go to and from the web page without cancelling the items in the cart.

Cookies are easily deleted. If using Internet Explorer, simply select “Functions” -> “settings” -> “delete cookies”.



Whaletours renounce any responsibility in proportion to cancelled excursions according to mentioned conditions and no compensations to expected experiences is given.



Whaletours trips and tours are primarily for those who are active, and risky or dangerous situations may therefore occur, either in connection with or as a consequence of a trip.

Examples: Nearby icebergs can tip or disintegrate with following sudden change of speed or sudden change of courseby consequens of current, waves or ice conditions. In each situation, Whaletours will exercise as much caution as possible and take all relevant safety measures.

However, we emphasise that participation in our trips is the participant’s sole responsibility, and he/she thereby accepts the inherent risks.

Whaletours is not liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense as a consequence of participation in our trips.

The participant is requested to carefully evaluate the situation and back out if he/she feels unsafe.



Any complaints are to be stated during the tour so the unsatisfactory conditions/circumstances can be tried to be solved at once. They are also going to be directed to persons at Whaletours immediately after the ending of the tour.

If you can’t solve the complaint, a written complaint is to be sent no later than 3 weeks after returning from the trip.

All proceedings against Whaletours are to be brought to the municipal court of Ilulissat in accordance to the Greenlandic judicial system.

Complaints should be sent to e-mail info@whaletours.gl or by phone to +299 54 24 33.



Whaletours reserve the right to increase the price after reservation because of changes in the conditions of purchases including the price of fuel, taxes, charges or fees due to change in tax, foreign exchange quotations or other circumstances that we as organizers can take into account beforehand.



When purchasing using a credit card a fee is charged by the bank, which is added to the total amount of the purchase. We will at all times charge the current fees for the particular type of credit card. As of July 2018 the fees were as follows:

Service fees as a percentage (%) of transaction amount and/or cents per transaction

Card type Visa MasterCard Card type Visa MasterCard
EMU Debit 1,45% 1,45 % Debit (non EMU) 1,45 % 1,45 %
EMU Credit 1,45 % 1,45 % Credit (non EMU) 2,95 % 2,95%
EMU Commercial 2,95 % 2,95 % Commercial (non EMU) 2,95 % 2,95 %
EMU Maestro 1,45 % Maestro (non EMU) 2,95 %

There is no refund on credit card fees if the customer chooses to cancel the excursion. If Whaletours cancel the excursion, the fee will be refunded.


All compulsory product insurances regarding tours ordered are in hand at Whaletours. Note that it will not cover insurance of the participant’s personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on the tour it is at one’s own expense or insurance. We therefore recommend that you write an insurance that cover these cases before leaving the native country.

Whaletours insurance is covered at Codan Insurance Company. All boats and equipment used by Whaletours are in accordance with rules issued by Danish Maritime Security and crew is qualified according to Laws required.