2 hours
Tour Duration
The price quoted is per. person
Warm clothes, hat and mittens are required
Warm clothes

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Whale Trip – Here are good chances of seeing whales, especially humpback whales and minky whales and sometimes we even see the enormous fin whales or blue whales.

We sail into the bay where whales are often seen and have good cooperation with other boat operators and fishermen and we communicate over the radio when whale is observed.

Departure daily at. 15.00 with trips of two hours duration.

MEETING PLACE Tankeeraq at inner harbor, 15 min. before departure
DEPARTURE TIME Departure from the meeting place at. 15.00.
RETURN TIME Around 17:00.
6 Persons
PRICE 100 €

Remember we sail on the water, where the temperature is often well below temperature on land. Wear warm clothes and hat and gloves are required.


15.00: Departure

From meeting place Tankeeraq at inner harbor, 15 min. before departure.
  • Remember to sail around the water, where the temperature is often well below ground temperature. Take warm clothes and hat and gloves are required.

17.00: Return

Return to the harbor.

Tankeeraq at inner harbor.

Embark on sailing from Ilulissat at the bottom of Disko Bay, where there is every opportunity to see whales swim around and find food in the bay and even between the giant icebergs. Here we see humpback whales, herring whales or even blue whales daily. From the water We look at and explore the gigantic icebergs, Ilulissat – which is the Greenlandic name of the city, which directly translated literally means the icebergs.

We sail in a less fast-paced open boat that includes max. 6 passengers. Here are good opportunities for getting close to the water and the ice and we are flexible and can stop anywhere for good photo or movie footage.

At the bottom of the 50 km deep fjord, ice is breaking the northern hemisphere’s most productive glacier. Every day there are pieces of the 13 km long glacier front rising three hundred meters above the water, equivalent to the United States total water consumption for one year.

At the expiration of the icefjord immediately south of the city they are stranding and here we see icebergs rising to over 100 meters above sea level, and remember only an eighth part of the iceberg mass is over the water, the rest is below.

This is perhaps most clearly illustrated by the tens of thousands of icebergs and giant icebergs, where we can look far into the cold crystal clear water.

We  sail with the boat Finnmaster S6

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